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Sober Stream


19:30 - 20:30 Uhr

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Juni 2020

19 - 24 Uhr

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Sober Sensation

Juli 2020

19 - 24 Uhr


Sober Vision

It’s Wednesday night. You want to go out to meet people but you don’t enjoy bars. You stopped smoking and can’t stand the smell anymore, you’re in the middle of a tough workout program, you don’t like the taste of alcohol and you have to work tomorrow. Where do you go?

You stay at home! What a pitty!

We strive for a better nightlife. A healthy lifestyle will no longer exclude partying per se. Our guests will be able to combine their busy lives with ecstatic after-work events. We will be at the base of the latest trends while letting our guests experience the newest innovation in drink & food.

Sober Essence

We believe in the power of natural highs. This sounds funky but let us explain: The essence of a great event is its social energy. During our long experience in organizing raves for Berlin’s underground scene (which were sometimes quite consumption-intense), we realized that the freshest, most energetic and most socially active guests were always sober. This is exactly the spirit that we aim for on Sober Sensation events. 

State-of-the-art event techniques will ensure a unique five-sense experience for our guests. Therefore we gathered a team of the best scent-artists, DJs, dancers and artists around us who know how to stir up the crowd. Action areas will get the guests involved with trendsports like yoga, zumba and more, giving them the possibility and space to connect.


Sober Bar

What’s to serve on an event without alcohol? Sure, we cut out one element of traditional bartending. But that doesn’t mean we’re not offering our guests a vast variety of high quality drinks. 

Next to non-alcoholic beer and smoothies our bar will serve local nitro-coffee and kombucha along with the newest independent drinks and hippest lemonades. We want to give young and innovative beverage brands a platform on which they can reach out to the heart of Berlin’s creative scene. Why? Because they’re cool.

Sober Sound

Party takes off when the music starts. Rolling beats touch something buried deep inside us, back from the days when we were beating drums and dancing around a campfire in a dark cave, connecting to something greater. 

Music will be in the center of our events while all other sensations will be carefully architectured around it. We will not settle on one specific genre but rather take our guests on a journey through the world of sound. We will give the most skilled underground DJs and live acts a stage to transport their craft to the people while only using the best hardware on the market.


Mr SoberSensation 

Gideon Bellin is founder and initiator of Sober Sensation and on top of this a naturally born party host. At the age of 20 he was already eager to host the biggest party in his region called „Project G“ and some years before this he became a DJ stirring up the nightlife scene of his hometown Frankfurt am Main. 

Now he looks back onto some 11 years of professional work in events and nightlife. Not only has he organized several international parties with up to 2000 guests, worked in renowned event agencies like Kontrapunkt and was a project manager for „Festival of Lights“. He also worked as a event freelancer for companies in Zurich & Dubai. On top he founded a project for Techno raves in Berlin while building up strong ties to the city’s underground scene. His vision is to inspire people worldwide with his revolutionary concept while changing the global nightlife scene. 


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Sober Sensation is brilliant in all aspects. The name, the idea and the execution are exceptional and something that has been missing in Germany.

Kristina Sperkova, President of IOGT International

Sober Sensation is the real thing and as the name already is saying it is a real Sober Sensation for all senses.

Dj Tomekk

Sober Sensation ist eine revolutionäre Party, 

die doch besser nach Berlin passt als man denkt.


let’s reshape nightlife together.


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